No Gear, No Problem

In the Fall of 2015, Cardinal Pictures had its inaugural 48h Film Festival. Students were given 48 hours to make a short film on their phones and present it in the same weekend. These films show how ingenuity and strong storytelling can elevate even the lowest of budgets. Stay tuned for the next installment of this festival!

FALL 2015

Come Home Wilbur
Written and Directed by Alex Minton

Written and Directed by Eli Sands and Sofie Somoroff

Written and Directed by Tiffany Liang

Written and Directed by Noah Dirks and Matt Kleppner

Fall 2016

New Science
Seamus Edson, Ryan Breen, and Will Freudenheim

Late Late Night
Nate Krieger, Matthew Fichandler and Jordan Roe

Ali Arminio and Sarah Wax

Vincent Warne, Isaac Price-Slade, Lara Ellenberg